Monday, November 1, 2010

G'Day Friends

So, we are in Australia!  Yup, it has been 5 weeks today, and as some predicted I have not kept up with my blog.  This is not entirely my fault though.  We are still living in temporary quarters which is a 3 bedroom service hotel...we only have minimal things with us...enough clothes to get us through about two weeks, a few toys and books for the girls, not enough warm clothes (I'll come back to that) and no computer and an I-Phone that does not work in Australia.  I have now found that the local library offers free internet so I am trying to come here at least once a week.  While here I usually have the girls with me (who constantly interrupt me) and only have time to send a few emails and catch up on Facebook.  I am going to write just a few things here as I only have another 10 minutes before I have to run to pick up the girls from school. 

Before arriving in Canberra we spent 6 nights in Hawaii.  It was incredibly beautiful and relaxing. Now it seems so long ago.  Funny enough, the girls made friends with two young girls on the beach from Melbourne.  Every day was warm, sunny and 80 degrees.  We arrived in Canberra on September 24th and the temperatures were chilly!  It was the end of their winter/beginning of spring season, and as several people told us, unseasonably cold.  After two days, I broke down and bought a fleece jacket and a down vest (yup, that cold!).  It has also rained quite a bit.  Which, again, several people have told us is unusual.  However, all the rain has helped Australia end a 15 year draught.  This spring is the greenest the Australians have seen it in a long time.  It sure is beautiful.  The flowers are much more fragrant here -- the roses smell amazing and you can smell them before you even see them.  And, the jasmine...such a delicate and fragrant flower!  I am especially excited for all of the beautiful, exotic birds that we see.  The colors of the birds are so vivid.  It's so amazing to see the shock of red and brilliant blues flying through the sky.  But, boy you have to watch out for the magpies!  These can be vicious birds especially in October when they are nesting.  Every park has warnings about the magpies swooping.  Today, I went bush-walking with my friend, Jodi.  We saw several kangaroo and parrots.  It was so beautiful and such a great work-out.  Well, friends, I am not done tellling you everything, but duty calls.  I am rushing to get the girls so we can head over the Embassy Halloween party.  I can't wait to see the carved melons!!

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  1. Wow - I need to hear more about these Magpies swooping!!! It sounds just fabulous - and see I am checking in! I love the updates and will look forward to more photos when you are truly "connected". Weird to think you are half a world away - but so cool.

    It sounds like you are making some good friends and having a ball - enjoy Sarah!! Can't wait to hear about Halloween - Aussie style...