Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas with the Aliens

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas.  Today was Chloe's nativity play, called "Christmas with the Aliens".  The Kindys (Kindergarteners) were so adorable.  The costumes were great, especially the green aliens and the angel, Gabriel (his wings were so large he could not sit down).  They learned 8 different Christmas songs.  Some I had never heard before.  I was so proud of Chloe who played one of the shepherds.  She says she was not happy to be a shepherd, but you would never have guessed because she was quite animated on stage.  I was better prepared today than I was last week when Anabella had her Christmas concert.  The camera was fully charged.  Here are some photos of today's play. 

My favorite shepherd

The aliens have landed

Chloe and Anabella

Anabella's Christmas concert last week was held during one of the worst rain storms in Australian history.  Although we were soaked going in it was fun to hear all of the songs sung by the three years (Prep, Years 1 & 2).  Anabella's been practicing for several weeks now.  Unfortunately, the camera died minutes before the concert. 

Speaking of the rain, we've had 7 straight days of rain.  Its been quite gloomy.  I was able to sneak in a long run around the lake yesterday before it started to rain again.  Over the weekend the hotel carpark where we are staying flooded (its underground) and the government car fell victim to the high waters.  Luckily, my Outback was parked in a higher area and was saved.

My final bit of news is that we finally have a house!  We are moving in this weekend.  I am really excited to settle in to our home for the next three years.  I am even more excited to get our things!!  It's been a long stay in temporary quarters. 

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