Friday, January 28, 2011

Expand your vocabulary: Australian words and sayings

I've started a list of words and sayings that we are learning.  Some are quite unique and others are just plain fun. I'll be adding to the list as I hear new ones and remember others.  Feel free to post any that you know so I can incorporate them.

Mum and Bub = Mom and newborn
Bench = kitchen counter
Car park = parking garage or driveway
Footpath = Sidewalk
Torch = flashlight
Boot = Trunk of a car
Rocket or roquette salad = Arugula
Capsicum = peppers
capsicum spray = pepper spray
Rockmelon = cantaloupe
Lollies = candies
Fairy Floss = cotton candy
Rubbers = erasers
Texters = markers
“G’day Mate” = common greeting.
 “How you going?” = a common greeting following hello.  Similar to “How are you doing?”
"Cheers" = Thank you or Goodbye
“Mutton dressed up as lamb” = an older woman dressing too young
“Underarm charm” = deodorant


Thongs = flip-flops

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