Sunday, January 29, 2012

December Holidays with the McConnells, Part 4

New Year's Eve, Sydney, Australia

Bus trip No. 2 for Lilly and Jeff:  The Embassy arranged a bus for anyone who wanted a round trip into the New Year's Celebrations.  The U.S. Consulate General opened the office (on the 59th floor with Harbour views) for the night.  So, we boarded at 1 PM for our second trip into Sydney that week. 

We had a great time with friends from the Embassy.  We had steaks at Phillip's Foote Restaurant in The Rocks and watched the family fireworks which set off at 9 PM from the edge of the harbour just below the bridge.  We did not have the best view, but we got a sense of the crowds.  Let me just say, it's not something I ever need to do again!  Even with the family festivies at that point the crowd was wild.  We tightly held onto the girls hands and headed back to the CGs.

The fireworks at midnight were amazing!  We had an incredible view, seeing the points along the harbour where the fireworks were setting off.  As part of the show, they played an all-Australian soundtrack along with the fireworks.  We boarded back on the bus at about 1:30 AM and rolled into Canberra at 5:00 AM.  It was exhausting, but a once in a lifetime experience.  Below I have provided a link to the fireworks show. 

Chico Negron, David and Susan Adams

Debby Negron and me

Here's the link to the 12 minute Fireworks Show:

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