Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day in the Country

It's Memorial Day weekend in the USA, however, we are only reminded of this due to the day off Uri has on Monday.  The kids are off to school which means a free day for Mom and Dad - woot woot!

But, that's not what I was planning to write about.  I wanted to share the day we had on Sunday when we headed out to the country to experience "Austrailiana".  At least that is what our Aussie friends promised us when they invited us out to Gundaroo for lunch.  And, they delivered!  Gundaroo is in the state of New South Wales and about 25 minutes northeast of our 'burb, Franklin.  We had an interesting ride out.  As we live in northern Canberra, we headed through several new neighborhoods some of which haven't even broken ground.  We turned onto an interesting road called Mulligan's Flat which ended up being a dirt road for most of the way.  It was here that my friend Sonja called to make sure we had the correct directions to the town.  I told her so far, so good unless of course the road comes to an abrupt end or we run into not so friendly "mates" out here in the bush.  It was a pretty drive - just what one from the U' States expects to see in Australia - golden brown colored fields filled with tall grass and several kangaroo.  We were the only car on the road and I began to wonder if I should have packed bottled water, snacks and blankets.  We did arrive safely in Gundaroo where we found the main road with only 1/2 kilometer long of "businesses".  We were the first family (out of four) to arrive so we headed into the only gift/antique shop in town.  There were a few items I was considering purchasing, but then forgot to go back into the shop after lunch. 

We had a private room reserved for the 16 of us at the M and B Crowe's Restaurant and Pub.  Again, Austrailiana all the way!  A local artist was on the stoop painting and had his own private art show on display both on the porch and inside.  I have to say his paintings were quite good - beautiful texture and colors. 

Unfortunately, I did not snap a single picture on this trip.  I'll have to head back out there to capture some of the local sights.


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