Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beaver Galleries: It is worth a visit

As it was quite chilly and overcast today in Canberra, it was the perfect day for a visit to the Beaver Galleries in Deakin.  I had learned about the gallery from my friend, Sue.  However, I hadn't yet made the time to have a look.  I knew my friend, Maya, might enjoy the galleries because she's an artist so I invited her along.

What a lovely surprise.  It's easy to miss the gallery as it is located in a part of Deakin that doesn't suggest there may be anything of interest from an artists' point of view.  The building it's located in also looks like an office building.  The gallery is actually larger than it appears from the outside.  There are three large rooms, a lovely courtyard, a gift shop and cafe. 

Today's exhibit featured beautiful paintings by Thornton Walker and dynamic glass sculptures by Jeremy Lepisto.  The glass sculptures were really quite amazing.  The sketches were etched into glass cubes displaying a three dimensional picture.  Each side of the cube offered a different perspective.  For instance, one was of a couple of buildings along a street.  From one angle you were looking at the front of the buildings and from another you were looking at the side of the buildings as if you were standing on a side street.  In this view, there appeared a lamp post which you did not see from the front view.  Each sculpture presented such intricate detail.  I enjoy visiting galleries and museums to admire the work of artists.  I always find it inspiring. 

It was a nice cultural experience followed by coffee in the Palette Cafe and bargain shopping in Woden. 

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  1. Sounds great. ps. I've heard your friend Maya had a great time too AND is a FABULOUS artist! :)